In addition to the features that have already distinguished the predecessor Unique 2, the dunnage producer UNIQUE 2.1 offers an even quieter way of working.

The noise could be reduced so much that the device is now also used in applications in which noise is undesirable and disturbing.

A fast and fine distribution of the Hazes is achieved by an efficient fan. A filter protects the fan from dust and dirt.

Due to the controllable output – whereby both the haze density and the output quantity are adjustable – the device can be used in almost all areas:
from the finest haze to the fog-like effect, each haze density can be adjusted individually.
Thus, the device is able to evenly fill small and large rooms or stages with haze, create the intended atmosphere and optimally support all lighting effects.



Minimum heating time
With a heat-up time of only 60 seconds, the UNIQUE 2.1 is ready for immediate use. Long reheating times are eliminated, so that a continuous operation with continuous output is guaranteed.

Controllable output
The pump and fan of the device can be controlled independently of each other in 99 steps. This allows the user to individually set the Haze density and precise control of the output.
Thanks to the non-linear pump control, the UNIQUE 2.1 can be even better regulated in the smaller pump stages.

Minimal noise
By dimming the pump and the fan, the noise development of the UNIQUE 2.1 could be greatly reduced. This also makes it possible to use in areas in which background noise is undesirable and disturbing.

DMX 512 as standard
The UNIQUE 2.1 can be controlled via DMX 512 as standard.
Pump and fan can be controlled separately. The connection is inserted here via 5-pin XLR, two consecutive channels are occupied.
The DMX start address is set and stored via the membrane keypad. It also remains stored when the device is disconnected from the mains.

Analog (0 – 10V), the device can be controlled both via a desk and via wired remote control (optional). The fan value is set directly on the device, the pump value can be controlled via the analogue control. Here, the connection is plugged in via 3-pin XLR.

A stand-alone operation is also possible. Here, the settings are made directly on the machine.

Integrated timer
With the integrated timer, the Haze time in seconds, pause time in minutes as well as output quantity of pump and fan in percent can be programmed exactly.

Haze Density Control System (HDCS)
With the HDCS an individual profile for a show or similar can be programmed. Two levels with the desired pump and fan values as well as the respective running time can be set.
In addition, it can be specified when the device starts to hazh.

Keys and Luminescent Numeric Display
The control of the fan and pump, the input of the DMX start address and the control of the timer and HDCS are carried out via input keys, the display of the settings via luminescent numbers.

This makes it easy to check at any given time what level of performance the UNIQUE 2.1 is in and that can be changed as needed.

microprocessor controlled
The intelligent control of each parameter via microprocessor ensures smooth operation in any chosen setting.

Minimal fluid consumption
The device is operated with a special fluid, which is supplied ready for use in 2, 10, 25 l canisters and 220 l drum.

With a 2L canister a continuous operation of up to 50 hours can be covered. The fluid guarantees lowest fluid consumption with minimum costs and optimum haze.

Minimum heating time of only 60 seconds
Minimal noise
Pump and fan separately
adjustable in 99 steps , thus adjustable output (from the finest haze to the fog-like effect)
Integrated, powerful fan – guarantees fast, homogeneous distribution of the Hazes in the room
DMX 512 as standard, plus analogue (0-10V) and stand-alone operation
Integrated timer
Haze Density Control System (HDCS)
Settings via illuminated numeric display with simple menu navigation
Low fluid consumption (2 l canister sufficient for up to 50 hours of continuous operation)
Production and service in Germany