In the area of events, special effects, stage and musical equipment as well as film productions often require individual solutions in order to place fog effects effectively. So far, many good ideas have failed due to the size and inflexibility of fog machines on the market. In the field of flow testing, the self-flow was often too strong for the other Tiny series instruments (Tiny CX or Tiny FX). With the new 30 Watt device, the output quantity can be set in two levels: low or high. Thus, the self-flow can be reduced again with the level “low”.

The solution
With the Tiny S it has been possible to install a technique that is convincing in its smallest capacity (L = 10.3 cm, W = 5.1 cm, H = 3.5 cm). The Tiny S closes the previous application gaps due to the small size and the choice of the output quantity.

The device
With the above dimensions and a weight of just 250 grams (including battery and tank), the Tiny S can easily be used in all areas where small amounts of mist are needed for effects or flow testing.

If necessary, fogging can be programmed directly at the device by pressing a button and changed at any time. The Tiny S is powered by a compact battery – which is screwed with a turn into the device – with the necessary operating voltage. Thanks to the intelligent control, the battery is only deprived of energy when it is fogged. This increases the operational readiness of the device.

The Tiny S is triggered by a button which is integrated in the housing cover. In addition, the device can also be triggered via the included cable remote. This is connected to the device by means of a mini stereo link cable.

Minimal fluid consumption
The fluid reservoir for the device is already supplied filled with Tiny Fluid and simply screwed into the device. The container held in syringe shape can be refilled and thus used several times. The Tiny fluid ensures dense fog with minimal fluid consumption (approximately 0.5 ml / min with continuous discharge).

The interior of the Tiny S is designed so that the user can replace the evaporator himself if necessary. Submitting the device for service can thus be omitted.

Smallest dimensions and very low weight, easy to operate with one hand
The battery is only charged when the fog process is triggered – thus long operational readiness of the device
Heating time only one second
Continuous, even output
Fogging time programmable
Output adjustable in 2 levels (low / high)
Continuous fog possible
Triggered by pushbutton in housing and by cable remote
Easy change of the evaporator if necessary
Low fluid consumption (0.5 ml / min for continuous operation)
Supplied in a suitcase for transport and storage
Production and service in Germany